Watch_Dogs 2 is the sequel of the famous license developed by Ubisoft. In this episode, the player can browse San Fransciso Bay Area in the skin of the young hacktivist Marcus Holloway. In the ranks of DedSec, notorious hacker collective, he will achieve the greatest hack in history: bring down the CTOs 2.0, a computerized management system used by criminals to control and manipulate human behavior on a large scale.

Reveal Trailer

  The game system allows to hack any device connected and every fellow citizen in order to take control of the city. With the new tools of hacking, the player can unleash creativity and involve different hacks to get the most technically sophisticated results. Several playstyles are now possible: piracy and stealth to accomplish missions without cutting down a single enemy or action at gunpoint to remove his enemies without mercy. Different skills can be developed to fit every style of play and improve its tools to hack: remote control cars, drones, weapons 3D printed and many others. Finally, players will share many coop activities in a whole new multiplayer experience fully integrated with the single player campaign.

  I worked about a year as a Level Designer on the project. More specifically on the design of several co-op missions. In collaboration with the Game Design team, I was responsible for the creation of layout, the implementation of the various ingredients of hack, and the achievement of its different levels.

  Here is the video of a walkthrough of a co-op mission I have been able to conceive and which served as presentation of the game at E3 2016 and Gamescom 2016 :

Watch_Dogs 2