My name is Adhem Belkhadra, I am 27 years old and I live in Paris. I am working as level designer at Ubisoft Paris Studios.

  My passion for video games dates twenty years. To NES via the PC and current consoles, I have always been curious and interested by video games experiences.

  I like to put my skills to the service of the player by placing narration and interactivity at the center of the creative process. I always try to enrich myself new skills and find new ways to create. I gained with my previous work experience excellent knowledge of different game engines and familiarize myself with the development on many platforms.

  My first steps in the industry began in 2008 through journalism on the website Gamatomic. Alongside my studies in computer sciences, I wrote criticisms of various video games. This experience allowed me to expand my knowledge on writing documents and the video game industry. I continued my studies in barchelor's degree to learn game and level design. After this year, my first experience as a professional began in the Parisian studios Kylotonn Games about the project The Cursed Crusade.

  Thereafter, I worked for three years as level designer at Ubisoft where I learned in a team rich in knowledge, the workings of videogame development on the Just Dance series. Following this experience, I have shifted to robotics at the compagny Aldebaran Robotics to discover new materials and practices in order to learn more about the design of playful systems. After a year in this industry, I decided to go back to my first passion, the video game. I am working now at Ubisoft as level designer since October 2015.

  Being invested, curious and pragmatic by nature, I had the opportunity to work on various projects with different targets and ambitions. My previous experiences have shown, I have no difficulty in integrating me into a team. I always strive to foster cohesion, to learn quickly and take advantage of all qualities in order to benefit the group. Finally, my experience as teacher in level design for the Bobigny Institute of Technology, allowed me to learn more about projects and team management.

  If you want more information about me, please visit my LinkedIn profile or send me a message via the contact window.